ArmyFit™ is CSF2's online self-assessment and self-development environment for Soldiers, Family members and Army Civilians. Once you complete the Global Assessment Tool, you’ll have full access to all of the self-development resources within, including tailored videos, information, and people/organizations to follow—all based on your GAT scores.


  Receive recommendations on how to improve your resilience and performance based on your GAT results

  Blog, access self-improvement challenges and enter friendly competitions with other users

  Compare your improvements with friends and earn badges for improvements

  Join online health and fitness communities with a wide range of resources from both the Army and the civilian world

If you have problems accessing ArmyFit™, please contact the ArmyFit™ helpdesk.


Q. Is ArmyFit™ just a physical fitness platform?
A. No. ArmyFit™ is designed to support your comprehensive fitness by focusing on all five dimensions: social, emotional, family, spiritual and physical.

Q. Do I need a CAC card to log in to ArmyFit™?
A. You do not need a CAC card to log in. You can also log in to ArmyFit™ using your AKO username and password. Family members registered in DEERS can sign up for an ArmyFit™ username and password (if you already signed up for a username and password to take the GAT, you can use that to login).

Q. Is ArmyFit™ secure? Are my Personally Identifiable Information, GAT scores, and online activities truly kept confidential?
A. Yes. The Army worked with computer technology experts to design protections in the same manner as other social media sites. You may change your privacy settings to share more, however, the default setting will not share any information, even to your friends.

Q. Will any of the organizations and experts in the ArmyFit™ community be commercial rather than military; will any of them try to sell me things?
A. Selling of commercial items is not allowed within ArmyFit™. However, please note that approved non-Federal entities are allowed inside the platform. All content from commercial sources is strictly vetted by a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Q. Will I be able to use ArmyFit™ during duty hours?
A. Each individual command makes that determination.

Q. What is new with the Global Assessment Tool (GAT)?
A. In addition to an improved interface, GAT now covers the physical dimension and adds two new measures, RealAge® and Performance Triad.