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R2 Performance Centers provide customized performance training that enables Soldiers to sustain personal readiness, enhance resilience, optimize human performance, and build unit cohesion. Training is available Army-wide to active duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, as well as family members and Department of the Army civilians.

What is it?
Aggregating existing information from multiple sources and utilizing tools to provide a holistic picture of Personal Readiness and Resilience of the Force at entry to service, service, and transition from service.

Commanders Risk Reduction Dashboard (CRRD) - Helps Commanders have visibility of risk factors and progress of their Soldiers throughout the Soldier Lifecycle.

Complex Behavior Model (CBM) - Consolidates data in a Person-event Data Environment (PDE) and develops a series of models designed to study the more complex correlation of multiple positive and negative factors.

What is it?
Gauges conditional change and targets resources, tools and integrated training to build protective factors and mitigate risks to readiness.

Command Visibility - Improved visibility of behavioral trends to provide Army Senior Leadership a more coordinated descriptive analysis to inform decisions.

Initiative Development Process - Implement a standardized framework to scientifically examine proactive initiatives across the Army to provide evidence-based recommendations to Senior Army Leadership for resource allocation.

Strategic Assessment - Implement an assessment framework based on data included in the Strategic Management System (SMS), designed to measure the attainment of R2 objectives.

Counseling - Refine and consolidate several counseling tools to provide leaders the best comprehensive picture of their Soldier's strengths, areas for improvement and risk.

What is it?
Embed Personal Readiness throughout Army culture and throughout Soldier lifecycle.

Personal Readiness Standards - Establishing a holistic R2 system to support development of a ready Army and increase deployability into the future.

Research - Utilizing the findings from the five-year Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Service members (STARRS) to determine changes to guidance, training, policy and resources to reduce the incidence of suicide and other risk behaviors.

Accessions - Identify, evaluate and leverage emerging assessment tools and late-stage research efforts to assist the Army in making selection and inclusion decisions at the time of accession, and to identify individuals requiring early assistance to improve their resilience and ultimately their retention through their first terms of enlistment.

Targeted Training - Refining the Army's training approach to incorporate components of evidence-based resilience, performance, intervention and prevention curricula, resulting in more effective and efficient training. Based on the leader's holistic assessment of the Personal Readiness and risk of their formation, they will be able to target individuals in the appropriate place in their life cycle and provide tailored training that will help to mitigate risk and optimize performance.

Units and teams, and their leaders, are accountable for gaining visibility and monitoring trends across the unit/team. The unit/team fosters a Culture of Trust and engages to take proactive, deliberation action toward strengthening the team.

- Commander's Risk Reduction Dashboard (CRRD)
- CSF2 Training Centers
- Soldier Leader Risk Reduction Tool (SLRRT)
- Unit Risk Inventory
- Medical Readiness Commander's Dashboard*

* = Emerging Capability

Battle Buddies have a duty and obligation to support their buddy's Personal Readiness; to be engaged and empowered to know fellow Soldiers and to know what is going on in their lives, and to take action to strengthen each other.

- Engage Training*

- Professional Development

- Master Resilience Trainers

* = Emerging Capability

Soldiers have a personal responsibility to build and sustain their Personal Readiness, have visibility and self-awareness; and take action towards strengthening their Personal Readiness.

- Resilience and Performance Training
- Global Assessment Tool
- ArmyFit™
- Soldier Risk Team
- Drug Testing
- Revised Period Health Assessment (PHA/DHA)*

* = Emerging Capability